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“Ultimate” fitness book launched this week

December 14 2011

It’s rather fitting that Adelaide fitness expert and author Jon Ball (pictured above) is launching his groundbreaking book “12welve” at his Modbury North gym (Thursday night, 15 December).

While members filter out after a variety of workouts, Jon and wife Meg will be welcoming guests interested in learning more about how this book can transform anyone in just 12 weeks.

“12welve” is subtitled “The Ultimate Body Transformation Book” for good reason. Jon says anyone can improve their health and wellbeing – and physical appearance – in that time frame and set themselves up for a healthier future with a longer life expectancy.

The launch of the 248-page book at the Changes Health & Fitness Centre on Milne Road is the realisation of years of work put into health and wellbeing.

Jon is passing on the expertise he’s developed through 20 years of hard work and giving readers a rare opportunity to get a head start in the fitness even before they decide on aregular physical fitness regime.

“I’m pointing out in the book that there are a number of factors to being fit and healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” Jon says.

“It’s not just the work you put in, it’s what you put into your body – your diet. Nutrition is a vital element in physical wellbeing.”

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