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Mary and Me – one woman’s account of how caring for her mum turned out to be an inspiring journey

April 04 2012

Book Launch

Mary and Me– one woman’s account of how caring for her mum turned out to be an inspiring journey

Jo and Mary

Jo Swiggs came back to her home town of Adelaide to care for her aged mother … and soon both of them were having a really good time!

So she decided to write a book, to convince others that caring for someone doesn’t need to be a burden.

With a bit of organisation, imagination and love it can be, as it has been for Jo, one of the best times of your life. Mary and Me also shows you how you can enrich the life of another, and still have a life of your own.

Former UK Dignity Ambassador Sir Michael Parkinson, who has a special interest in returning respect to the elderly, gave Jo permission to include an extract of his personal experience with his mother, in the book.

Now Jo and her 93 year old mum, Mary, will shortly be off to present a paper at the International Federation on Aging Conference in Prague. Mary says she can’t wait to get to Prague “and shop until I drop!”

Jo’s experience as a Registered Nurse and health industry professional makes Mary and Me more than just a memoir – it’s a handbook for anyone who has someone in their life who needs care, and a practical guide to finding the best the community can offer.

Mary and Me is the story of Jo’s  reconnection with her mum, of the discovery that respect is what we all want, and if we give more, the return can be a life well lived for all .



Mary and Me will be launched by Uncanny Media’s Catherine Zengerer


At:                   Mary Martin’s bookshop, 134a Norwood Parade

On:                  Friday April 20th, 6 till 8pm 8   * Drinks and nibbles will be served*


Books available on the night for purchase by cash or credit card for a special price of $ 19.95 or you can order them here.



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