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Cambodia orphans benefit gig

July 11 2012

Orphans in Cambodia have few people to turn to – government facilities are nonexistent and communities are often too poor to support  them. For these children to have any hope in the future, education, nurturing and life skills are essential.

Now two Adelaide mums and their kids are off to help through: Volunteers making a Difference – Non Profit International Volunteer Work Abroad. They’ll be heading to Siem Reap, Northwest Cambodia, on December 15, 2012, for a three week placement.

The Team:

Fiona Roughan: Team Co-ordinator

Heidi Mibus: Works with kids at risk including Indigenous preschoolers

Olivia Savvas: Senior Student at St Ignatius College

 Their aim:

To give orphans in a country still reeling from civil war and terrorist regimes a better chance in life through education, personal care, and to give kids at risk who are staying in their communities a chance to have some fun.

Contact Catherine Zengerer for more information: catherine@uncannymedia.com.au | 0400 302 062

Buy tickets here or at the door.

Check out Volunteers Making a Difference

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