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In the Dark an enlightening experience for Adelaide

September 07 2012

Chris Brunner from the South Australian Radio Collective addresses a packed house at Format Space last night

Uncanny Media’s Catherine Zengerer and Annie Hastwell are proud to have been Organising Committee Members for the South Australian Radio Collective‘s presentation of Adelaide’s inaugural In the Dark event held at Format last night.

In The Dark offers a unique way for people to gather, turn off the lights and simply listen to audio/radio features, documentaries or soundscapes for pleasure. The events  started in the UK and have been running in Sydney and Melbourne for over a year. Last night’s inaugural Adelaide event, called The Lost Art of Listening, was organised by the South Australian Radio Collective Organising Committee, Chris Brunner, Natalie Oliveri, Chrissy Kavanagh, Carly Nason, Annie Hastwell and Catherine Zengerer.

Uncanny Media organised publicity for the event, which generated much interest in the event, with this piece in The Advertiser, interviews on 891 ABC Adelaide‘s Mornings with Ian Henschke, Evenings with Peter Goers and Breakfast with Tim Brunero on Radio Adelaide – have a listen to this interview with Chris Brunner and Carly Nason.

Format was the perfect venue for the event, with it’s relaxed vibe and plenty of comfy cushions scattered about. The crowd packed into the basement where there was an air of excited anticipation as Chris Brunner took us through the menu for our hungry ears.

  1. Redbricks And Weatherboards – Producer Jaye Kranz. An amazing soundscape portrait of the diverse people living in one Australian suburban street.
  2. Brooklyn pigeons – Producer Owen Agnew, for HV and SALT. The story of a guy who REALLY REALLY loves pigeons. Go figure.
  3. Forest to desert - Producer Sarah Boothroyd. An audio doodle about this phrase: “Humankind is preceded by forest, and followed by desert.”
  4. Winter’s rest – Producer Ed Prosser. Originally created for a UK In the Dark Christmas party, but was considered too devoid of Christmas Cheer, this piece enters the dark yet pragmatic world of the mortician.
  5. Drowning for you – Producer X-Press Radio. On a summer’s day with children laughing and splashing about, Drowning for You takes you into the murky depths as a swimmer struggles and drowns.
  6. Someone’s Screaming Outside  – Producer Mad Genius. This haunting piece revisits the rainy Florida night George Zimmerman met Trayvon Martin, using only 911 calls from that evening and musical samples from YouTube videos reacting to the tragedy.
  7. Brian and Norm – a love story – Producer Shevonne Hunt. Imagine the pain, grief and loneliness that goes with  having to put your partner of 50 years into a nursing home. Now imagine that you can’t show them any affection because you’ve been hiding your love for 50 years.  Brian and Norm – a love story was one of the favourites from last night and there were more than a few wet cheeks at the end of it. It’s no surprise that it won Sydney Producer Shevonne Hunt Gold at the New York Festival Awards in 2010. Check out a photo-montage accompanying their poignant story here and here.
  8. Boxing is My Mother and My Father – Producer Marianne McCune. This was a change in pace from the sad but beautiful Brian and Norm. Tyrieshia Douglas from Baltimore was just 16-years-old she was arrested for street-fighting. Her juvenile court judge recommended she take her skills into the gym. Now she’s 23-years-old and ranked No. 2 in the country in her weight category.
  9. The Secret Life Of An Australian Mother – Producers Eurydice Aroney, Tom Morton, And Stuart Brown. This was another favourite and was an upbeat and funny way to end our first In the Dark. In this piece we stepped into the world of a busy mother and her cheeky but charming six year old.

There were cheers and applause at the end of the night as Chris Brunner announced this was the first of future events and that the South Australian Radio Collective would be seeking submissions from local radio producers for future events. Contact the Collective on saradiocollective@gmail.com if you’d like more information.

Here’s what a couple of punters said :

“I loved the sound effects in the pigeons one – it created a powerful mental image of the mass of pigeons. The use of music in Brian and Norm was really effective too. But mostly it was a buzz to listen to the radio WITH a bunch of others! Thanks for making it happen.”

“I’ll definitely be back again. I can’t really pick one favourite, but a few that touched me more, although I enjoyed it all : Breeding Brooklyn Pigeons, Drowning, Someone’s Screaming Outside, Brian and Norm, The secret Life of an Australian Mother. And the most powerful/poignant to me were : Drowning, Someone’s Screaming Outside, Brian and Norm. In short a delightful evening!”

The Collective thanks our Partners on the night  In the Dark Uncanny Media  The Islander Estate  Cafe Troppo and Format. Thanks also to Peter Spooner  for sound services, Vicki Gilham for the tasty morsels, Adam on the bar, and SARC coordinators: Carly Nason, Natalie Oliveri, Chrissy Kavanagh, Catherine Zengerer, Annie Hastwell, and Chris Brunner.

Thanks to all of you who came along to support this event and rediscover The Lost Art of Listening!


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