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Baby Boomers – busting the myths of the boomer generation

April 08 2013








Are baby boomers all the same? Are they a burden on society? Are they selfish and greedy? Do they really want to work until they drop? 

This new book challenges these baby boomer stereotypes and creates an argument for a deeper conversation about ageing.

Author Jocelyn Auer was a consultant to both state and national public health organisations, and as she watched so-called baby boomers leave the paid workforce she wondered what it was like to work hard all your life, and then to find that no one seemed to care? She questioned the constant glib assumption by the media that baby boomers were ‘lucky’ and greedy when what she was seeing was often the opposite.

Auer determined to go deeper, to look more closely at what was happening for men and women as they transitioned out of work: the dilemmas they grappled with, their hopes, fears and expectations for the future. The 32 people she interviewed from urban and rural Victoria and South Australia provide a rich vein for Auer to examine the problems facing an unusually large and ageing generation.

“I was stirred by the pain and loss suffered by colleagues and friends in the later years of their working lives in a society where the ‘gold watch’ era had gone, but nothing had replaced it. The baby boomers were spearheading a huge change in the way we live our lives and yet public policy was not changing.”

“I was also inspired by those who found new and different ways of being in the world and concerned for those who face uncertainty about the future as the global financial crises cut into their savings and investments.”

“My hope for this book is that it will stimulate interest, debate and action about the place of older Australians, in all their diversity, in our society.”

Baby boomers is about growing older and a time of major transition. It is written in protest: to challenge some of the common stories about older people, what they want and what is possible. Baby boomers will interest older Australians who have left work or are thinking about leaving, as well as those with an interest in the policies that affect this generation. It demands greater attention to the growing inequalities between poor and rich older Australians and the complexity and diversity of all their lives.

“… a thoughtful and well-researched contribution to the growing body  of learning on the ubiquitous early Boomer cohort. In the same way that younger Boomers share much with Generation X,   Jocelyn Auer brings a war baby’s keen eye to the Boomers’ lot.  And thus is our understanding built – ‘like a rolling stone….'”

Greg Mackie, OAM, formerly Executive Director, Office for the Ageing, SA Health.

“A great read and a powerful corrective for anyone who imagines the baby boomer generation as a comfortable, self-satisfied lot who have had it easy and will continue to do so in a long, healthy, wealthy old age.”  Barbara Pocock, Director of the Centre for Work + Life, University of South Australia


Baby Boomers – busting the myths | Jocelyn Auer

Launch/Release Date: Friday April 12, 2013|SA Writer’s Centre by Prof Barbara Pocock, Director, Centre Work + Life at UniSA

Format: Ebook available on Ebook retailers Amazon, Kobo, iBook etc

 Print version order form: http://boomermyths.com

 Publicist: Catherine Zengerer | 0400 302 062 catherine@uncannymedia.com.au

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