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our clients say…

Vanessa Swan

Dear Catherine

Thank you very much for facilitating our event on Monday. You did a fantastic job and I have since heard many positive comments about your style and ability to facilitate the diversity of ideas and the level of interaction that was Monday!

Vanessa Swan

Director | SA Office for Women | Department of Communities and Social Inclusion

“I would like to thank and congratulate Uncanny Media on their efficient, prompt and willing help to me in professionally promoting my self-published non-fiction book Reluctant Rescuers (published July , 2012) , which tackles the controversial and sensitive issue of the adequacy of the Australian border protection system’s rescue at sea response to distress signals from asylum-seeker boats. In the last three years, seven of these boats have sunk or disappeared and around 700 lives have been lost, who, according to my book’s factual evidence, could have been saved by Australian authorities. This is not an easy message to sell to a complacent and uninterested Australian public who would prefer not to have to confront this issue. Uncanny Media tackled this difficult book promotion brief with enthusiasm and professionalism. They wrote and processed an arresting media release for me, advised me on journal advertising, helped organise an excellent Adelaide book promotion program including two public events and two media interviews, and organised maximum exposure of my name and my book’s name on Facebook and Twitter sites. I have – against all odds – sold about 600 copies of Reluctant Rescuers so far. I estimate at least 300 of those sales have been achieved thanks to Uncanny Media and Catherine Zengerer.”

Tony Kevin

former Australian Ambassador and author of Reluctant Rescuers and the prizewinning investigative book, A Certain Maritime Incident: the sinking of SIEV X.

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