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Pre-Expo meeting to drive northern jobs

June 09 2013

Pre-Expo meeting to drive northern jobs Workforce development, job creation and training will be the focus when business and government get together at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday, June… read more >>

The Firm Schubert 2013

Romantic early 19th Century Vienna recreated in Adelaide

May 20 2013

Adelaide Chamber Music Promoters The Firm will open their 2013 Concert Series with an evening of intimate music by the great romantic composer of the early 19th century, Franz Schubert…. read more >>


Baby Boomers – busting the myths of the boomer generation

April 08 2013

            Are baby boomers all the same? Are they a burden on society? Are they selfish and greedy? Do they really want to work until… read more >>


Nocturne – In the Dark ventures into the night

January 15 2013

NOCTURNE Noun:  1.  a short, lyrical piece of music, esp one for the piano 2.  a painting or tone poem of a night scene  In the Dark returns to Adelaide this summer for a very special outdoor event under the stars in the Adelaide Festival Centre gardens. After two… read more >>

anger stays front

Anger Stays – a debut novel by Adelaide author Shane McNally

January 11 2013

Anger Stays – A truth that only counts when the right people say it… and a reporter who isn’t allowed to write it In 1969 a disillusioned journalist heads off… read more >>

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